Little Wing Pizzeria Coming To Lisburn

It’s those three little words we all long to hear…

Beannchor Group’s jewel in the Northern Irish food crown has fast become one of our most beloved brands serving one of the nation’s favourite dishes. And we couldn’t be more chuffed that they’re joining the Lisburn Square family!

We took our Little Wing napkin and wrote down some of the reasons we love them so much.

We got as far as 5 before we ran out of space… and it’s not like you need persuading to visit… but let’s take 5 minutes to remind ourselves just how wonderful our new addition is anyway:

1. Award-Winning Pizza

Like Belfast Live’s “Belfast Loves” award for the city’s favourite pizza. OK, so this is Lisburn, but we do respect the opinions of our Belfast neighbours. And if Little Wing managed to beat off stiff competition from trusted family brands like Greens Pizza and Little Italy, then they’ve got to be doing something right, right?

2. The Biggest Pizza in Northern Ireland?!

One of Little Wing’s most infamous menu options is the 24 inch diameter pizza - the biggest pizza available to order in Northern Ireland! Not only that, but there are plenty of options in the gigantic section from traditional Margherita and Pepperoni to the ever-so-fancy “Cotto E Fungi” featuring garlic roasted portable mushrooms!

3. The Menu Is Mouthwateringly Good!

All pizza tastes great, right? Wrong. Not all pizza is created equal. And creating your own pizza toppings is half the fun isn’t it? So whether you prefer a plain choice or you like something a little more exotic, the Little Wing menu has it all from cured anchovies to tuscan sausage and everything in between. You can also opt for “Skinny Pizzas” (extra thin base, proper Italian style) or “Calzone Pizzas” (the traditional folded style). And there are even gluten free base options, too.

4. The Little Ones Love Little Wing

And not just because kiddies love pizza. Little Wingers Workshops is a unique party for kids where they can enjoy their own pizza workshop! Donning a chef’s hat and apron, Little Wingers create their own pizza from scratch, rolling the dough and adding the toppings. They even get to tuck into some tasty dough sticks and garlic butter while their creation cooks in the pizza oven. Apparently it’s for children aged 5-8 but they have been known to accommodate some adult “Little Wingers” channelling their inner child… #JustSaying

5. It’s As Close As We’ll Get To Italy…

Without actually going. Six-foot wood-fired ovens and time honoured cooking styles using tomatoes sourced from soil grown near Italy’s historic city of Naples; it doesn’t get much more authentic than that!

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